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When your property is facing flood damage, it is not planned at all. So, it is an immediate emergency and you need a quick solution for it to minimise property damage and reduce replacement costs. That is why our Flood Damage Restoration Coogee team is always there for you 365 days so that if you have any emergency then we can provide you with a time solution and you do not have to wait for it. We are a certified and nationally recognized company that has its own trained technicians who are trained enough to provide you with rapid response in such a deadlier situation. Our company has a total of 20 years of experience and we are always loyal towards our work.

Types of Water Damage

There are generally 3 types of water damage commonly:

  1. Clean water damage: It is not a severe condition as it occurs due to broken pipes or sinks or bathtubs or due to breakage of water supply lines. This type of damage can be corrected by simply drying the items normally as it does not cause any potential harm to the property because it is clean water ab free from any sewage or toxins.
  2. Grey water damage: Grey water comes from toilets, washing machines, and other sump pump backups and so its damage may cause some harm as chemicals and some amount of waste are present in it but it is not proven harmful to humans.
  3. Black water damage: It is a very severe type of damage as black water comes from sewage, seawater, rising flood water, rivers, groundwater, etc. Rapid action is required to follow against it like the removal of all the materials and items as it causes severe harm to your property as well as humans and your home needs to be cleaned properly and disinfected afterwards.

Our company Flood damage carpet cleaning Coogee is equipped with a number of advanced and latest instruments which are very beneficial for taking you out of the situation of water damage and provide you relief and complete satisfaction.

What We Do That Help Your Flood Damage Restoration Process

In the situation of emergency, we provide a lot of preventive measures and tried all the way to bring you out of this situation like the following:

  • We shift furniture to prevent damage.
  • We invite customers so that they can come and check our drying process.
  • With the help of our machines, we remove all the water from your carpet.
  • The carpet is lifted up to see the further damage.
  • Dry the carpet completely with the help of air movers and put it again in its place.
  • Browning treatments are used.
  • Carpets are steam cleaned and deodorised.

List of Equipment To Be Used

Various types of equipment are used by our officials of the Flood Damage Restoration Coogee team which are very useful to prevent your property from damages caused due to floods. or water. We have a list of such equipment:

  • Dehumidifiers: An air conditioning device that maintains the level of humidity in the air. So, these dehumidifiers are very important for us so that we remove every bit of moisture from the air and dry your carpet and other upholsteries completely.
  • Water claw: This is equipment that removes all the spots and stains and eliminates spotting wick-back. Thus, we use it so that we can easily extract all the spilled solution from the carpet where water damage occurred.
  • Injectmate: We use it when subsurface injection of chemicals is required and with the help of this equipment we inject microband which are able to remove all the bacteria and moulds from your carpet and other upholsteries and also remove all the bad odour.

365 Days Services by Certified professionals

We have certified professionals and higher authorities provide us permission and we perform our services in a professional manner. All our employees are knowledgeable, trained, and experienced enough to carry out the work and so they are licensed and insured.

  • Flood damage clean up
  • Fire damage restoration
  • Total drying service
  • Water damage restoration
  • Sewage clean up
  • Mould remediation service

Our Promises

Our sole interest is to provide the highest quality of service by protecting the property owner’s assets. That is the reason our Flood Damage Restoration Coogee team has made some promises to our clients in which we stand forever. Our promises are:

  1. Process free from risks

Our company executives assure you about the entire water damage restoration process, that it is safe and we will provide you with all the receipts of the expenses as our company is insured so you do not have to worry about anything as you are free from all the risks.

  1. Rapid and guaranteed services

The service executives are available all day and night, that is 24 hours for your service and provide you with a response within 24 hours of your complaint with a guarantee of complete satisfaction.

  1. Complete restoration

You hire our services not only for removing only the water outside but for complete restoration purposes and so we perform other services also like water removal, drying, dehumidification, disinfection, sanitization, etc.

Do’s And Don’ts Before Our Team Will Come For Help

Water is natural & everywhere and you cannot stop it from going anywhere but in case of a lot of water damage, you must take action for its removal. But there is some time gap between your calling and our Flood Damage Restoration Coogee agents coming to your place. At this time, you have to take some of safety measures. Follow some do’s and don’ts which are described below:


  • First of all, call a certified company and take an emergency appointment.
  • Secure the area that is turned off all the water and power supply.
  • Cover all the holes so that water cannot enter into that area to herm important elements.
  • Put all the heavy furniture or equipment out of the area to secure them.
  • Call your insurance company to claim damages.
  • Remove all the valuable and expensive items quickly to prevent them from damage.


  • Do not leave everything as it is and wait for the professionals to come.
  • Do not use your household vacuum cleaner to remove water as electrical shock may occur.
  • To remediate everything on its own as you do not have specialised instruments.
  • Do not handle the situation by itself as it becomes expensive. If something goes wrong, it becomes costly and only you will be responsible for it.

Sources Which Are Responsible For Causing Water Damage

Water damage may occur due to a number of sources which are given below:

  • Bathtub overflow
  • Hot water system breakdown
  • Burst water pipe
  • Roof leak
  • Washing machine overflow
  • Sink overflow
  • Air Conditioner condensation pan overflow
  • Sewage backup or runoff water
  • Rainwater flows from outside.

Ways To Prevent Water Damage

Water damage is one of the common causes of damage to property. It is very essential to do regular checks on your property leakages. There are a number of ways through which you can protect your home from extensive water damage. Some of them are suggested below:

  1. Proactively check for leaks: Minor leaks when undetected may cause significant damage to your property. So you have to check them regularly and replace them if required.
  1. Keep your gutters clear of debris: Blocked gutters are also a cause of water damage as when they run down the side of your house, they are blocked through which water finds ways from some other places and so it needs to be cleaned.
  1. Prevent pipes from freezing: To prevent flood damage, you have to prevent your pipes from freezing. For this, you can either circulate warm water from your pipes or may use a thermostat. You can also turn off the water supply so that no water is left in the pipes.
  1. Install a water leak detection device: For finding out the leakages, you can install a water leak detection device. This is helpful if you are going to leave your property for long periods.
  1. Inspect your roof inside and out: You have to thoroughly check your roof to see if there are any signs of water leaking through the roof. You have to inspect it from inside to outside and also the flashing surrounding any chimneys is intact.
  1. Insulation of exposed pipe: Pipes must be insulated if they are exposed to the outer environment to prevent them from changes in climate.
  1. Inspect the areas of moisture and mould: If moisture or mould is present then it may have signs like flaking paint or wallpaper, black speckled marks on skirting and sills, a musty smell, etc. If after following all the precautions, you are unable to prevent water damage then kindly contact our team. Contact us as soon as possible, and we will provide you with complete relief.   

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